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Million Benefits of Strawberry

Fragaria × ananassa or better known as strawberry, is a species hybrid.cultivated almost in all parts of the world. The fruit is so popular because the color is interesting and.sour sweet taste and preferred almost all ages ranging from children to parents. In addition to a delicious taste, this fruit also contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins important that the body needs like vitamin C and K, manganese, pantothenic acid, iodine, vitamin B1 and B6, biotin, and folic acid. Fiber found in strawberries has many health benefits someone, especially in addressing the problem digestion.

The fruit is also frequently used in desserts either as an ingredient or garnish The main or just as decoration only. Because the content is quite gigzinya complete,
strawberries can help prevent various types of severe diseases such as Cancer, Arthritis and Gout, Eye Care, Heart Disease and Alzheimer's.

Benefits Fruit Benefits and Strwaberry One cup of strawberries contains approximately over 45 calories with a source of vitamins. As as in other fruit, one should not depends only on the benefits of strawberries just to meet their nutritional because each fruit has excess minerals and vitamins in therein.

Form of processed strawberries are also diverse kinds, including use as ice cream, jams, jellies, syrups, and various types of food other. The fruit is also fairly easy to find in
supermarkat nearby. Before buying choose are still in a fresh state. That is a fact about the health.benefits of strawberries.

Overcome Diabetes Mellitus NATURAL WAY

Most people with
diabetes have tendency was not
disciplined in keeping eating and in
taking medication, whereas the
important in the treatment of
diabetes is appetite control (which
often redundant) and exercise
regularly. If the This is done plus
more diligent in checking the levels
blood sugar, and taking medicine
regularly, diabetics can live like a
normal others, on the contrary if it
can not eat controlled, plus a
relaxed lifestyle and physical and
psychological stress then the
patients are waiting for a time to
the damage to vital organs one by
one, starting of the liver, lung,
heart, kidney and brain. For men
with uncontrolled diabetes suffering
from diabetes for more than 6
years, the possibility of impotence
is 40%. In women complications of
diabetes can also cause infection
fungal treatment difficult. Therefore
the This is a recipe that I
recommend: Prevention of DM is as
follows .: 1 Controlling eat and
drink as word of the Prophet SAW:
"stomach is the pond body and
blood vessels originating from it. If
the hull is good then the blood
vessels out darinyapun be healthy.
And if the stomach then the vessel
would hurt darahnyapun sick.
"(H.R.Turmudzi) And the Prophet
said that memlihara Blood vessels
are among the attention to food
intake. Because The control eating
because the food intake will largely
determine the quality of the blood
vessels we. Is not diabetes
disturbances are always in the
blood vessels ranging from heart /
liver, kidneys, eyes, heart and
brain, for I suggest arranging food
diet consumed is as follows .: ►
breakfast 1 cup fresh milk without
sugar +7 small grains of dates + 1
gram of black cumin. ► 5 lunch
spoon rice + green vegetables
(Spinach, kale, green beans, bean
sprouts, leaves katuk, cassava
leaves, etc..) + tempeh or tofu 2 cut
size is + fruit (apples, pears,
pineapple, pepay a, orange, bark,
and other fruits that are less sweet
interspersed) ► dinner vegetables +
fruits such as above, and Other
foods that contain lots of fiber,
filling but low in calories, such as
taro, canna, arrowroot, breadfruit,
black potato, cassava, or
havermoot / oat meal etc. And
principle tummy control is the key
treatment of diabetes 2 Control your
mind to develop attitude of
patience, sincerity and gratitude,
because the mind is not calm will
create chaos system interfere with
the body's hormonal and metabolic
which of course facilitates the
arrival of the disease dangerous 3
The drug is recommended to be
taken: Take ½ teaspoon of ground
cumin + A cup of hot water, let
stand 10 minutes, filtered then
taken 2X a day, to improve the
taste may add 1 teaspoon of rose
water artificial sweetener and 1
grain / saccharin 4 Perform fasting
Monday and Thursday, for the
continuously destroy toxins into the
body and accelerate revitalization
of particular cells of the pancreas,
kidney and liver are usually most
affected diabetes, fasting is a way
very effective in controlling many
metabolic disease. Besides, fasting
is also strengthens the spirit,
promote the spirit of treatment and
improve the quality of faith. 5. Do
brisk walking exercise tergopoh-
tives and climbing stairs on a
regular basis for at lack 3X / wk
starting 10 minutes / day and
continuously increased up to
approximately 40 minutes / day,
with a movement mainly on
buttocks. If there stairs at home
mother then up and down stairs, as
much as 8X will be very good. At
first start with the first 2X, and
slowly improved. If there is no
please use the ladder stairs 6X as
many road crossings and starts
with 2X improved commute slowly.
6 Do not eat sweets especially
cakes and limit eating rice 7 extra
tomato juice containing lycopene
or carrot juice is known to contain
many beta-carotene, in turn, taken
without sugar or with artificial
sweeteners will improve fitness 8
do not forget to keep eating meat
free fat and fish alternately to meet
protein needs. By applying diet,
exercise as above, taking
medication, and pray always
begged aid of God.

15 Benefits of Red Onion

1.Volatile oil contained the onion
water handy to kill most of the
microbes staphylococci, thus
streptococci also microbes that can
cause inflammatory disease in the
thoracic and esophagus. 2. Can
also kill microbes diphtheria,
amoebic dysentery and
tuberculosis microbes. Shallots
really able to eliminate bakteri- The
bacteria in a short time 3. Steam
onion can be used to clean the
wound and can heal. Can enable
the movement of the stomach. 4.
Chewing onion for a few minutes to
clean the mouth of microbial
including diphtheria microbes. 5.
Inhaling the smell of onion or
eating can cause oil containing
volatile sulfate and can get into
human blood, which later can kill
microbes that can cause disease.
6. Shallots also have similar
elements with the hormone insulin
which can help reduce blood sugar
levels. 7. Eating onions are still ripe
raw or mixed with cheese can
minimize the occurrence of freezing
Blood. 8. To treat whooping cough
and pneumonia using onion as
compresses on the chest. If placed
on the kidney and bladder, can heal
difficult urination. 9. If placed on
both feet, it can cure disorders of
the function the blood
arrangements. And if it is placed on
the wound, it would ooze pus and
blood dirty. How to make onion
kompresan of this is by chopping
onions into a few small pieces and
then heated. After it, placed in the
area to be treated, then tied with a
cloth. Perform replacement the
bandage every 12 hours. 10. Onion
pieces can used also to treat kalu
and eye fish on foot, by affixing the
onion pieces around kalu or fish
eyes in the afternoon until the
morning days. Repeat this until the
release kalu or eyelets of the foot,
then wash with water warm and
soap. 11. Onion water used for
sanitary napkins on the part of the
body that is truncated to relieve
pain. 12. When crushed shallots
and simmer with olive oil can be
used for treat chapped nipples and
hemorrhoids. 13. Steeping of onion
can be used to eliminate worms in
children, that is by brewing pieces
red onion and put it in water and
stored throughout the night, and
then at noon day drunk to children
after mixed with honey. Repeat this
process every morning until the
worms completely out entirely. 14.
Shallots can also remove worms in
the stomach and treat hemorrhoids
with I make a purgative of onion
that has been heated about about 3
minutes in 1 liter of water. In the
case of This use medium sized
onion to be inserted into the anus.
15. Inhaling the aroma of onion can
treating dizziness and fainting.
Because it smells so piercing that
can stimulate circulatory and
respiratory functions. Thus also
nerve functions. Thus, the onion
Red can be used as an aid first
rather than having to use

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Natural Ways to Remove Burn In Face

Burn scars will definitely be very disruptive activity and reduced confidence. Moreover, the burn scars on the face are sure to be very disturbing.

Burns can occur due to everyday activities such as cooking, injury to the acne scar is often the case. But burns can be cured with a very natural way without spend very deep.

Well, here's how to naturally get rid of burns on his face:

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a natural bleach that can help disguise the scars and mottled skin. It can also be beneficial to your beauty.

2. Honey

Honey can also help to disguise the burn scar. With the content of which is owned by the honey will be able to nourish the skin.

3. Cucumber juice

Apply cucumber juice to the scar area and leave for 15 minutes before washing your face with cold water.

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can disguise your burns. By way of massaging the area of ​​burn scars using coconut oil.

5. Olive Oil

Rub olive oil into the scar area. This method is very effective to help you lift the burn scar.